Lynn McCandless

Misty Morning in Elgin County

About Lynn

Photography is why I get up in the morning; it is my motivator; it is  what I do every day. I have been in love with photography since I watched my mother's Kodak Junior unfold to take a group birthday photo of my friends and me. I was only 8 years old when I pleaded with her until she bought me my very own Kodak ‘Brownie’. I loved that little camera and still have albums with black and whites of friends, family and the farm I grew up on.  I saved my allowance until I could purchase a Kodak Starlite which had a flash!  Wow, that was so exciting!

When digital cameras arrived on the scene my passion for photography exploded. I soon began making my own photographic cards and participating in forums where I was encouraged by my peers.

My desire is to capture images that deliver a visual impact and allow the viewer to see the beauty in nature around them, often in something very ordinary that they may have passed many times before. This carries over into my portrait photography where my goal is to bring out the beauty and personality of each and everyone I photograph. 

I am continually learning and challenging myself not only in taking the photographs but in post processing as well. I have completed several courses including  beauty retouching, hydynamic range photography, black and white photography, wedding photography, family photography, Photoshop and Lightroom processing.

I enjoy teaching photography to my students.  Each one receives individual attention and learns how to master the techniques on their own particular camera with minimal time in the classroom and maximum time practising the lesson, usually outdoors at various locations.  My classes are limited to Canon users.  

I am slowing down now, not doing 12 hour weddings but still creating beautiful photos for those who prefer to have a smaller ceremony and reception.